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Unlocking Nigeria’s Potential: Leveraging Our Greatest Resource – The Nigerian Brain and Talent

Nigerians are Nigeria’s greatest resource. Who we are, how we are, what we do and how we do it, who and what we believe as a people is deeply rooted in our DNA.

Our thinking, guts and charisma is why we are one the most successful and influential TALENTS globally. Nigerians are opportunity driven and any government that is serious about them, must show this by implementing policies that would torpedo the ideas that have led to an exodus of its people.

I particularly love the fact that the FG, rightly included creative economy to arts and culture. This shows that it is aware that First, it is an economy, and all of these make a huge dent on the Country’s GDP if not handled right. Collaboration with the Ministry of Information and National Orientation would rebuild our National overview of Nigerian Art, Culture and creativity. Collaboration with the Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, would greatly amplify the reach and revenue via the most sophisticated data harnessing methods.

It’s time to put our brains to work to improve the country and not bleed the people. Money can always be generated, but the Nigerian Brain is an endangered specie and Talent goes where it is appreciated.


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