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Telecom firm pledges support for MVNOs network

Telecom Core Network infrastructure platform had announced that it planned to empower Mobile Virtual Network Operator and other service providers in the mobile, unified communications, broadband, and fixed wireless domains to scale.

The firm stated that it intended to achieve this through its XIUS Mobile Services Platform, which according to it would empower the service providers to facilitate streamlined launch, management, and enhancement of mobile services.

In a statement, the President of XIUS, Sridhar Lanka, said, “The whole essence is to help prospective Mobile Virtual Network Operators in Nigeria to achieve seamless efficiency, effectiveness and to enable them onboard. Our ability to find the right customers is what matters to us. Nigeria has the potential to progress, and we are here to help our customers achieve greatness.”

On his part, the senior partner at Rane Interaktiv Medien, Harold Olamilokun, added, “We want to help Nigerians perfect their crafts using technology. We want to reach out to the underserved areas. MVNOs are critical and influential in upscaling the digital space in our economy, allowing digital penetration and communication. I think we need to explore every opportunity offered to grow our economy, especially through technology.”

Culled from Punch Newspaper

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