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MVNOs pivotal in providing roadmap for telecoms sector —Experts

As part of efforts to confront challenges rocking the telecommunications industry, experts in the field have offering strategic solutions to navigate the complexities and propel the industry forward.

Speaking at the Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) conference hosted by XIUS at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos on Thursday, experts predicted a transformative era in the Nigerian telecommunications landscape.

The conference delved into the challenges and opportunities associated with the emergence  (MVNOs) in the Nigerian market, exploring collaborative dynamics between Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and MVNOs.

While speaking at the conference, Sridhar Lanka, a seasoned professional with 25 years of experience as the President of Telecom at XIUS, highlighted collaboration as a cornerstone for progress.

He emphasised, “The challenges we face demand a collaborative approach. By fostering partnerships, both within the industry and beyond, we can pool resources and expertise to find innovative solutions.”

In his reaction,Tola Yusuf, CEO of InfraTel Africa, brought attention to regulatory frameworks as a key element in overcoming obstacles. “Effective regulations are crucial for fostering fair competition and preventing monopolies. A balanced regulatory environment ensures that all players, big and small, have an equal opportunity to thrive,” Yusuf commented.

Harold Olamilokun, Founder of Talentcroft and Senior Partner at Rane Interaktiv Medien Limited, while speaking introduced a forward-looking perspective.

He urged need for collaboration between MNOs and MVNOs tackle changing consumer demands.

“To tackle challenges head-on, we need to embrace technological advancements and adapt to changing consumer demands. Innovation should be at the forefront of our strategies,” Olamilokun urged.

Culled from Tribune Newspaper

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